How to Make Money Online: Reflections After Quitting My Job

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In this day and age, one of the most enticing career prospects is the ability to make money online. Earning money in this way is quite different than traditional jobs as the income has both an active and passive income component. After quitting my job at a traditional corporate style setting, I began my journey of making money online and it has been an interesting foray to say the least.

In this video I explore topics such as my thoughts about making money online, share my actual revenue from Youtube Adsense and affiliate partnerships, and give a few pieces of advice I would give to someone just getting started out.

Hope you find it helpful!


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Steve Antonioni created Cash College with the intention of being the financial education class you missed in school. Combining academic and professional expertise in finance with self taught filmmaking skills, Steve aims to bring financial education to everyone in a fun, accessible, and honest way.


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30 thoughts on “How to Make Money Online: Reflections After Quitting My Job

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  2. The only critique that I have (and this applies to other YouTubers as well) is that you are selling a Course About how to become financially Independent and retire early, yet you have not achieved those Things at the present time and therefore your method isn't proven to actually work. Why should someone buy your Course as opposed to Courses and or books/ebooks from People who have actually done this?

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  4. I enjoy youtube a lot and I think my channel will be monetized soon, but I don't think I would quit my job – mostly because I love it and a very close second is that it pays very, very well.

  5. Quintessential value creation is what you are espousing and it is resonating! Keep up the good work. It's a win, win. You do the work you want and we watch your videos and will continue to be an engaged audience because it is consistently delivering.

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