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The BEST way to SELL Sneakers Online! 5 StockX Tips!

Recently I have sold over 100 items on StockX (show pics of shipping box hauls) for a total of $20,000 in sales! I was skeptical of using StockX at first.. I have known about it since birth, and I knew you can use the platform to sell, but I just assumed there would be hidden fees, or a hassle to use a 3rd party, but I was WRONG. Using stockX has helped me move extra items I needed out of my house as I need to turn my 2nd sneaker room into the kids bedroom! Plain and simple, it was so incredibly easy to do, the hardest part was to find boxes to ship the shoes in and figure out which shoes I had were still New in Box. There are many market places available for selling your sneakers, but this is one that I trust and truly believe in for your new sneakers. In this video I will cover 5 Important reasons you should use StockX to sell your sneakers before I get started, here is a high level overview on how it works:
See your new sneakers in box, search for them on StockX.
Click on your size, review the last sales prices of the item to get idea of current market value.
click on Sell (or Ask)
Select your size
Select Ask price you want to sell for
OR if there is a high enough bid, you can click OR SELL NOW
It displays all fees and total $ you would get after the sale
Once Sold, print the label slap it on a box and drop off at UPS within 2 days.
$ is released to paypal after it is authenticated (usually 3-5 business days after u ship)

THAT IS IT! No Pictures, No Shipping Fee, No Hassle!

Now that we have the basics down, here is 5 tips I have in no particular order:

# 1 Eliminate RISK
When you have high value items you are shipping around the globe there is a huge risk involved, and very easy to get scammed. I once had a person report me for shipping 1 shoe… and he won! Seriously. Or how many have sold Yeezys then a fake pair was sent back to you in a false claim? Skip the blood pressure spike and use StockX.

#2 Preparing the shoes for shipping!
Out of 100 items sold, 3 came back to me which carries a 15% cancellation fee. 1- was my fault, I shipped the wrong size (9 vs 9.5) 2- didn’t meet new standards and 1 shoe was worn, which I didn’t know since I bought in store, never wore em myself. And 3- the shoes upper had dirt on it even though the shoes were new never worn! When you prep your shoes, if you have any midsole creasing from trying the shoe one, they will likely return it, if the soles are dirty, definitely getting a return. So sometimes you need to clean the soles for your sake (even if you only tried on the shoes and walked 5 steps) they NEED to be DS. You can have tags removed however they all need to be in the box.

#3 Use Mobile app!
It’s Easiest to use, just search and sell. Very user friendly and with my wifi printer I can print labels on the fly. Very easy to navigate thru and see what has sold vs what is pending payment. You can obviously track the items interested in Buying as well.

#4 Turn on Alerts! You can get mobile alerts or emails sent to notify you when you have a new high bidder, or when an item sells! If an items comes close to your ask you can adjust the price and Sell now, so it’s great to be on top of the action.

#5 Data is king, use it!
At the heart of StockX is the data it can provided. Josh Luber started Campless years ago, which compiled metrics from ebay sales data and now that he has created this new platform, the metrics are extremely exciting… to me at least! It tracks a portfolio of estimated current market value, purchase date, and original price of all items. Provided total sum of profit / loss and total market value
They also keep a running tab of sales history with prices, as well as pending items for sales completion.
You can also check your seller level in your profile and the more you sell, the lower your transaction fee from 9.5% to 8%

In summary… if you have been waiting to try this out, I urge you to create an account, download the app, or if you have both, just take an item you have in your closet and follow the steps! because seeing the final price of what you can end up in your account makes it all worth it. Now my wife can start to set up Harrisons new room now that the boxes are almost gone! I only wish StockX took used sneakers too since I have many worn 1-3 times I still need to get rid of.

But what do you guys think have you sold on StockX before? What is your experience? Comment below!

Thanks StockX for sponsoring this video!


Author: cylni


  1. I'm mainly an eBay seller with over 40 shoe sales but I tried StockX the other day to get rid of my Blue Tints and man is it amazing. Literally no effort at all and I love how there aren't any hidden fees. The one thing that kinda irks me about eBay is the fact that the fees come out later rather than immediately.

  2. I’m 12 years of age and I earn a large amount of money from stock X and I have a whole stock of new shoes ready to be sold. By the support of my dad I am able to get shoes shipped really efficiently. I love this app.

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