My 7 Income Streams, Passive Money Strategies + How to make money online!

My 7 Income Streams, Passive Money Strategies + How to make money online! Check out my fav income stream right now, my etsy shop!:

How many income streams do you have… and how many do you want?
Let’s talk active vs. passive investments, side hustles, dividends, real estate, digital products, etsy, affiliates and more!
What are your streams of income?
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Check out my fav income stream right now, my etsy shop!:

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Author: cylni

20 thoughts on “My 7 Income Streams, Passive Money Strategies + How to make money online!

  1. Wow very impressive! My main income is my husbandโ€™s job, but I also have an Etsy shop and occasionally refurbishing furniture to resell . But since I have 7 kids still at home my main focus is frugal living to save money on food clothes etc

  2. Such great advice: It's a long game. Okay, income streams: 1) Speaking/Training 2) Book royalties 3) ad revenue on website – I'm with Mediavine 4) Teachers Pay Teachers store 5) YouTube 6) Amazon affiliate income. I don't count my investments. Fave: Book royalties. I used to have a traditional publisher, but now I publish myself, and I'd never go back. By the way, you should write a book. Come visit me and I'll tell you all about it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Thanks for being so open and honest in your journey. It is so exciting to see how far you have come! Super inspiring!!! You are doing an AMAZING job! ….. and it is also nice seeing someone who loves their day-job and don't want to stop it. (i'm lucky enough to be one of those people also)

  4. Hi Sarah! this is super interesting, regarding you now favorite passive income which is your Etsy store, did you need it to open an LLC or get a sellers permit? thank you for any info

  5. Generating multiple streams of income is important to your ability to build wealth, and have a safety net so you're not entirely reliant on one avenue for revenue. Great video, and good for you for taking the initiative and putting in the hard work!

  6. I work part time at Amazon, sell vintage stuff i find at the thrift stores on Ebay, sell bigger items on FB Marketplace and Nextdoor. I was at a stressful insurance job for 30 years and finally at 53 i couldn't take it anymore and we sold our house and moved to a cheaper state for my sanity. Being frugal allows us to live off 1 income. We did own a rental in Galveston Tx but had a really hard time managing long distance and getting people to pay rent so ended up selling it. Did make $ 40k profit so not complaining. Good subject!

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    He embraced his new life as an eggplant.

  8. I consider my overtime hours and bonuses additional streams of income since they go directly to my savings to build my 6 month emergency fund and new (to me) car fund. I also have a plant nursery in my backyard and a third job as a photo booth/DJ assistant for a friend's company.

  9. The President needs to find you. This is the creativity he wants everyone to find that makes America great. It is like you are spelling out how to succeed financially in America. Love to see that you are succeeding and hope you are balancing the spiritual with the financial. All the best.

  10. I so appreciate your videos. You are inspiring because you are doing what so many people think can only be done by others who are already gifted in someway, such as through existing wealth or knowledge. You demonstrate that through consistency and determination, someone can achieve that knowledge and create their own wealth. I have done this myself. I know what it takes, and I still watch you for inspiration. Thanks, Budget Girl!

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