Top Secret Ways to Make Money Online| 2020| Hindi

Top Secret Ways to Make Money Online| 2020| Hindi The finest way to earn here would be to start a 'YouTube Channel.' As you already know, you can do almost any kind of video, as long as they attract a massive

How To Earn Money Online in India (Unique Ways)

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Imprudent advertisements over the years have sown the seeds of insecurities about the internet among most of us. On the contrary, the internet is a legitimate source, where you can earn, irrespective of location, time, and work structure.
Every single day, more than 1 million new users join the internet. With over 560 million users, India is the second-largest online market in the world. The growth of the internet, along with the possibilities for which it can be used for; seem endless.
How about, we harness this growing trend, and make a living off it? Sounds almost surreal, doesn’t it? Come along, as I explain ‘How I earn money online in India’:

1. Affiliate Marketing
You may not be aware of this term. But you have been regularly using this, for quite some time now.
Remember the times when you invited your friends to join Zomato or Ola to get free food or rides? This is Affiliate Marketing.
When you’ve got a space online (ex: YouTube Channel), which is visited by a good number of people; you can sign up for Affiliate Marketing; and get a URL, which redirects to a company (which needs to be marketed). For every unique click, by your followers, on this URL – you earn money.

2. YouTube
An average Indian currently spends 67 minutes a day on this platform. The best part is, this number is only projected to increase!

The finest way to earn here would be to start a ‘YouTube Channel.’ As you already know, you can do almost any kind of video, as long as they attract a massive number of viewers.

3. Instagram
Yes, the place which you visit once in 15 minutes out of boredom can be used to make money!
Before we start, one thing you need to remember is, Instagram does not pay you directly, unlike YouTube. You instead need to approach companies directly, who would be willing to pay you.
All you need to do is, start a Page on a particular niche, which can attract huge numbers. Start posting “OMG!” content regularly.

4. Facebook
Facebook follows almost similar practices like Instagram (*Cough* Zuckerberg *Cough*), with one additional step.
Before you create a page directly on Facebook (which you are free to do), it’s advised to use Facebook’s unique offering – Facebook Groups.
Here you can make a group, attracting people in a particular niche. This offers you to have a community of supporters, even before you make a page. Giving you a big head start.

5. Fulfilment by Amazon
Just have a product, which you want to sell. Amazon would find a customer, pack your merchandise, ship it, and even provide customer care services to it. They simply just charge a certain percentage of your income, as a commission.
Flipkart too had such services before, but later suspended it.

6. Freelance Writing
How do you spend most for your time on Social Media? Reading News Feed? This is precisely the job. Write content online.
Right from the time the Internet started booming, the requirement for quality content is at a pedestal. There are so many websites on the internet. All of them want to generate money. It’s common knowledge that only good, exciting content can attract a massive number of readers.

7. Freelance Editing
When you aren’t reading on Social Media, what else do you do? Watching Photos or Videos? If you’ve got some skill related to editing software, this is the job for you.
There are simply lots of creators or companies on the net, who want their videos edited. But cannot hire a full-time editor for themselves. This is where a freelancer comes in. The company need not pay the freelancer on a long-term basis. On the freelancer’s part, she is not requested to be physically present in a company. She can do the work, whenever wherever she is up for it—a win-win situation for both.

8. Domain Trading
You can buy a few attractive domains (Ex:,,, etc.) and sell them for big bucks later. This is very attractive for “How earn money online in India for students?”.

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  1. Gain knowledge in almost all of the domains. My Youtube is ready, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, freelancing accounts. Every single thing is ready but I don't have content to post. I don't know what niche should I choose and what platform for earning a whopping amount of money. Not, only niche selection but also try to do everything at once on every platform is the biggest reason I haven't tasted the success yet. Your video is very valuable. Thank you, mam:) @ @

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